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Top Accomplishments Of Shailesh Dash

Mr. shailesh dash is the founder and CEO of Al-Masah Capital, one of the leading alternative investment management companies in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region. His work with Al-Masah and other successes have made him one of the most well-known business people in the region. In fact, he is consistently ranked among the fifty most influential people in the MENA financial services industry.


Al-Masah Capital Limited was founded in 2010. The company’s mission is to provide both fund-raising and advisory services in alternative investments in the MENA region. The company specializes in four sectors: education, health, food and beverage, and logistics. Since it opened, the company has attracted over $1 billion in investments and established a very loyal base of investors. The company provides in-depth expertise in these areas and generates the best possible returns for its investors.


In 2014, Mr. Dash won the two top Middle East Business Leadership awards: Global Visionary CEO of the Year and Middle East Business Leadership Awards – Investment Sector. In 2013, he won the Outstanding Achievement by an Individual award given by MENA Fund Manager Performance. These awards recognized his success in making Al-Masah a highly profitable company with an international reputation. When he received the awards, Mr. Dash affirmed his commitment to continue generating excellent returns for investors and to continue making investments that promote a better quality of life.

Earlier Work

Before he founded Al-Masah, Mr. Dash had acquired a great deal of experience in asset management. With 14 IPOs under his belt, he was well-prepared to lead Al-Masah to success. Previously, he not only managed $4 billion in assets, he also started the second largest private equity company in the region when he was the head of Alternative Investments at Global Investment House. He has also served as a board member of 12 difference companies.

His accomplishments have made Mr. Dash one of the most well-known leaders in the financial services industry in the MENA region. He has described his own and his company’s vision as becoming a member of a new economic order and making a positive difference in the world. He is committed to transparency and accountability and to fully protecting the investors’ interests.

Advertise In A Fashion That Definitely Will Attract Awareness Effortlessly

Billboards are usually passed each and every time somebody drives down roads. The truth is, they’ll pass so many they might not see a lot of them because they don’t really stick out any more. Even so, there are still several billboards that will grab the awareness of anyone that passes by. A great way in order to genuinely generate attention can be by using mobile billboards in Las Vegas.

As opposed to being immobile, these kinds of billboards are on trucks that travel through the town. They’re unusual to look at and numerous people haven’t viewed a mobile billboard before, therefore they’re certain to grab the individual’s awareness. In addition, since they’re not simply to the side of the road like most billboards, they’re going to seize the attention of many more individuals. They could be observed by people who are driving a vehicle or even wandering around the city and thus they have the ability to contact far more individuals than the types that are on a highway the person might or might not drive on.

People who wish to truly generate just as much attention to their enterprise as is feasible need to think about far more imaginative strategies to advertise. Rather than the normal billboard that might not even be noticed, Las Vegas mobile billboards happen to be an incredible method to advertise a small business as well as ensure as numerous individuals as feasible notice it go by. Have a look at them now to learn more.

The Top Three Reasons Every Medical Professional Should Attend An Epidemiology Conference

Continuing education is one of the best ways for a physician or other medical professional to stay on top of the latest trends and developments that are taking the medical industry by storm. Those who are looking to gain an overview of the causes and treatments of a wide range of health conditions should consider attending a conference that provides an in-depth look at Epidemiology. It will provide real world data and examples of ways medication and other treatment options are helping patients with a broad range of health diagnoses. Here are the top three reasons every medical professional should consider attending a conference that focuses on controlling the spread of disease while improving the health of the population.

Natural Remedies

The medication industry has come under scrutiny in regards to how they handle the distribution of medicines and determine the prices of certain drugs. This has many patients seeking natural remedies, which have the potential to be a cost-effective and efficient form of treatment An Epidemiology Conference will have research on natural resources that are proving to help patients overcome the most severe side effects.

Evidence Based Research

As opposed to some conferences, one that focuses on epidemiology will provide evidence-based research so those in attendance can feel comfortable in regards to the quality of the information they are receiving. Research of this nature will look at real world examples and compare statistics across a range of population sectors, so professionals can rest assured that the statistics they hear are accurate and reflect the latest trends.

Preventative Health Care

One of the best ways to keep patients healthy is to utilize preventative techniques. Rather than dealing with a medical condition after its onset, it is best to take steps necessary to prevent it from occurring by using natural and other advanced treatments. Allow any patient to live their life to the fullest by empowering them with the knowledge of preventative care options.

Any doctor who is looking to increase the quality of the care they provide should check out an epidemiology event near them. It will give them the information they need to improve the health their patients and prevent the onset of new disease. Don’t delay, when a minimally expensive conference can allow any medical practice to provide next level care.

Make Certain Prospective Buyers Might Come Across Your Small Business Online

Many people now turn to the web when they’ll require something. Regardless of whether it is a product or a service they require, they will probably search online initially. Therefore organizations need to be on the internet if perhaps they desire to attract as many possible customers as possible. But, merely having a simple webpage will not be adequate if perhaps they wish to attract as many possible clients as possible. They’re going to desire to have a well-designed website and also make the most of internet marketing services to ensure potential clients may find them effortlessly.

Website marketing will be an important type of marketing these days. With so many prospective customers going on the internet in order to shop and also for enjoyment, organizations have to use this to their benefit. Via social website pages, focused ads, search engine ranking, as well as much more, it can be very easy for businesses to contact probable buyers as well as encourage them to check out their web-site. Business people will probably prefer assistance from a specialist to be able to accomplish this to be able to make sure just about everything is actually completed properly to be able to make the marketing much more effective. In addition, they’re going to wish to work with a specialist on the design of their own webpage. When they get the probable consumer to the web site, they’re going to want to get them to acquire something.

Small businesses have the potential to contact a lot more buyers quicker than ever before. Still, they need the correct aid to be able to utilize this. They will desire to speak along with a professional today concerning small business website design as well as online marketing in order to ensure they have the help they’ll require to be able to locate brand new shoppers.